OTran Translation Service
Powered by AI Polished by Lawyers

  • Average 80% Time Reduction

    Conduct large-scale translation projects at a lower cost and faster pace than general translators or translation companies.

  • Maximize efficiency of operations

    Dedicated AI technical engineers support large projects

    Immediate review and understanding of customer emails and legal documents

    Maintain formatting of original documents with Pre & Post editing technology

  • Translation Review by Lawyers

    Applying your own terminology and style.

    Provide high quality at reasonable prices

Legal Translation has Specialized Terms and Grammatical Nuances that CANNOT be Resolved by Traditional Machine Translators

Using OTran, which has been trained on expert legal data collected and refined for over 20 years, maximizes efficiency.
This ensures that the final results are of high quality, as they are meticulously reviewed by legal professionals.

  • Completed delivery in just one month

    General translation companies take 6 months

  • Numerous repeated requests for translation projects


  • Consistently high usage rate

  • Improved business efficiency and high accuracy

  • Significant time and cost savings

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